Treats Baked by Stephanie

Butterscotch Oatmeal

  • Butterscotch Oatmeal

Treats Baked by Stephanie

Butterscotch Oatmeal



The delicious rich cookie will temp you to have just one more!

  • Yields: 12-15 cookies (depending on size)
  • Shelf Life: 12 months
  • Allergens: Wheat, Dairy, Egg, Soy, Sulphite
  • Made in a NUT FREE facility


Ingredients: Flour, Brown Sugar, White Sugar, Baking Soda, Rolled Oats, Butterscotch Chips

How to prepare Butterscotch Oatmeal Cookies

1. Preheat oven to 375°F

2. Add 2 eggs, 1 cup butter, 1 tsp vanilla, and1 tbsp hot water

3. Add entire bag of dry ingredients to bowl. Mix until well combined.

4. Grease baking sheet or use parchment paper

5. Spoon individual cookies on sheet

Bake for 8-10 mins (times may vary)